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Everybody Needs a Family

Lifetime Assistance, Incorporated, a leader in the provision of services to persons with developmental disabilities, is looking for Family Care Providers.

Why not open your home and heart to a person with developmental disabilities?


Providers receive a monthly stipend for the provision of support, guidance and a warm, friendly home.

The Lifetime Assistance Inc Family Care Program provides individuals with developmental disabilities, of all ages, an opportunity to live with a family in the community. Family Care providers may be anyone, at least 21 years of age.

Family Care provides a caring and stable home environment and creates an atmosphere of family living, which includes the support, guidance and companionship found within a family unit.

Family Care uses certified homes to provide residential services for people who are unable to live independently in the community, but who do not require residential care and treatment in a developmental center or more structured residential setting.

A Family Care Provider may be a married or single adult of either gender, provided all requirements for certification are met.

A Family Care Provider may own or rent a house, apartment or mobile home. Written landlord permission is required for all rentals.

Previous experience with individuals with developmentally disabilities is not necessary. The most important requirement is that the provider be willing to commit to the care, understanding and security that a person in Family Care needs.

Family Care providers receive training and ongoing support from professional staff members to assist them in meeting the needs of individuals in their home. Providers are consultants of Lifetime Assistance Inc, and are not entitled to employee benefits. However, Family Care providers receive payment for services on a monthly basis, and receive on-going support through the Family Care team. The New York State Office†for People With Developmental Disabilities†license providers and determine the payment levels. Lifetime Assistance Inc has providers throughout Monroe Counties, as well as Genesee and Orleans counties.

Lifetime Assistance Inc has been operating a Family Care program since 1992. The staff members who work in this program have over 100 years combined experience in this field. The dedicated staff members at Lifetime Assistance Inc.ís Family Care Program are dedicated to working with Family Care providers to assure that placements are successful. For more information on becoming a Family Care provider, please call the number below.

127 Main Street
Brockport, New York 14420
Maria Rugg, Associate Director
(585) 637-1510, ext. 3059

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