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Recreational Services

Whether taking part in a basketball game, a cooking club, or an ice cream social, individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have access to a wide choice of unique programs and recreational activities through Lifetime Assistance.

Each month, our newsletter alerts members to the variety of activities available including events such as attending a show or play, a baseball game, bowling, basketball, swimming, dances, movies, picnics and bingo. Some of our special outings include local sporting and special events, concerts and day trips to amusement parks and other areas of interest.

Lifetime Assistance also provides vacation planning so that individuals with disabilities can experience all that life has to offer! Our unique Lifestyles program offers a more individualized, one-to-one approach to recreation, allowing people to pursue their favorite interests and hobbies. Recreation and Leisure Time Coaches work with the individuals to help identify and pursue the leisure activities of their choice.

Community Recreation Program

Our Community Recreation Program was established in 1987 as a family support service grant from New York State. Since its inception, the program has served thousands of adults and their families in Monroe County.

Activities are desi
gned to meet the needs of both the participants and their families. To enable family members to spend quality time in other activities, the Community Recreation Program is designed to give families a break from their care-giving responsibilities.

Each month, participants receive a newsletter highlighting the variety of activities, special events and continuing education classes such as:
  • Arts & crafts
  • Basketball
  • Bingo
  • Bowling leagues
  • Dances
  • Dinners
  • Hockey games
  • Holiday parties
  • Ice cream socials
  • Local interest events
  • Movies
  • Red Wing games
  • Rollerblading
  • Special Olympic events
  • Swimming

Lifestyles Recreation and Leisure Time Services

For individuals who want to pursue meaningful recreation activities and leisure education of their own choosing, this program offers training and support in the use of community based resources.

Activities focus on developing skills and relationships through independent recreational opportunities. An additional benefit to families is a periodic respite from caregiving activities. Limited transportation services are available.

Pat Dadey
Program Manager
(585) 426-7975, ext. 3051

John James Audubon School # 33 After School Recreation Program

John James Audubon School # 33 After School Recreation Program provides after school, evening and weekend inclusive recreational/training opportunities for adolescents with developmental disabilities in the city of Rochester. The program introduces participants to opportunities and life experiences to enhance their lives, nourish and improve their self esteem and maximize their potential for independence via recreation and leisure skill development.

Examples of activities offered Include:
  • Classes
  • Field trips, amusement parks
  • Health awareness education
  • Sports
  • Swimming
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Nutrition

Although many activities are designed to include families, the John James Audubon School # 33 After School Recreation Program gives parents or other family members “time off” from caregiving. Door-to- door pickup and drop off make this an easily accessible service.

Pat Dadey
Program Manager
(585) 426-7975, ext. 3051


I continue to be blessed that my son is cared for by such a dedicated and nurturing staff. Thank you so much!

- Lynda Krens (mother of Andrew)