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Vocational Services

Pride in workmanship…the joy of a job well done…the sense of accomplishment…the opportunity to express oneself. These are all benefits of Lifetime's Vocational Training programs.

Lifetime Assistance offers various training and employment services that teach fundamental work skills and, in return, provide the opportunity to earn a paycheck. Our vocational assessment, job placement and employment services are providing not just training, but also a lifetime of self-worth to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Here at Lifetime Assistance, our Vocational Services division, LAICO
Industries & Services, assists individuals with developmental disabilities in achieving their highest degree of independence. The ability to acquire and retain employment is critical to a successful, meaningful and productive life.

Vocational Assessment and Transition Planning

Our staff will assess each individual’s abilities, potential, and needs within the context of a meaningful work environment. Medical, psychological, social, educational, and other relevant information is also considered during the evaluation period to provide recommendations for possible job placement and on-going support.

Employment Services

Work Center Training & Employment

Emphasis on the development of positive work habits and skills, as well as attention to work quality and speed, provides the basis for all training. For individuals who have had limited job experience, this is a time to learn the basic habits necessary to successful employment. Training focuses on skills that will enable an individual to achieve his or her highest potential within the work center setting or through community employment. Safe, reliable transportation as well as training in the use of public transportation is available for persons attending the Work Center (geographic restrictions may apply).

The Work Center also provides an opportunity for continued employment for individuals who have completed assessment and work adjustment training, and choose to continue working at LAICO Industries while seeking a job in the community. It may also provide employment for individuals who have significant barriers to community employment.

Job Placement and Supported Employment

The purpose of our Job Placement Services is to provide employment opportunities in the community, based on the needs and abilities of each individual. Through intensive Job Coaching, we provide the training and support necessary for long-term success. The degree of assistance is based on input from the individual, family members and employers. As the individual and employer become more certain and comfortable with the individual’s ability to meet job standards and expectations, our Job Coach will transition the individual to follow-along services. These services include visits with the individual and the employer at least twice a month. Job coaching, advocacy, assistance in seeking additional hours or advancement, are all part of Lifetime’s follow-along services.

Colleen Zoyhofski
Intake Coordinator
(585) 426-4120, ext. 3118

You're doing a great job for my son. I'm glad there's an agency like Lifetime to help him. Thank you for being there! 

- Mary Lou Young (mother of Russell)